Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aww... Cusco

Hola Amigos!
We´re both safe and well and in the mountains of Cusco. Finding internet access is a little more difficult than we expected, but we´ll still try to keep you updated as much as possible. We´ve been playing a lot, taking guitar and charango lessons, and booking more shows everyday. Kate had a 2-day break when arriving to Cusco because she met a dentist who insisted she needed her wisdom teeth taken out. James decided to film the procedure. We also have a short video of us playing at the Inca ruins of Saqsayhuaman. What a beautiful site. Hopefully we´ll be able to upload some short videos before we return to the states.
Next week- Maccu Piccu. And then the following week we´re heading to Puno for a huge street festival celebrating the Virgen de la Candeleria.
Here are our newest shows if you happen to be in the area!

Friday, January 23rd- Ukuku´s Bar
Calle Plateros 316, la plaza de armas, Cusco

Saturday, January 31st- La Oreja Negra
Calle Arco Iris 511, San Cristobal, Cusco

Thursday, February 26th- Mao Bar
Calle Belen 1048, Centro de Lima



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  2. I'm very surprised to see a foreign band not only come to Peru, but play in towns in the mountains. The only bands that do this are Peruvian cumbia bands. Anyway, hope the Peruvian experience has been excellent so far, and see you tomorrow at the Mao Bar.

  3. Correction: See you next week at the Mao Bar.